Deck cleats

Deck cleats

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Dedicated to these extraordinary yachts, we make some of the most classic cleats.
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Some of the Big Class Schooners equipped with our cleats:





Bar Cleat

Our classic bar cleat combines the beauty of a natural teak wood bar with a long bronze base plate, making it a very elegant, strong and highly effective mooring or sheet cleat. The combination of these materials makes it a lightweight cleat for its size.

Its base plate allows for a good deck protection and anchorage. The open design allows shackles and hooks to be attached to the middle of the cleat.

Herreshoff Cleat

This cleat’s design goes back to the late XIX century when it was originally designed by Nathanael Green Herreshoff.

Its high profile design allows clearance for large mooring and sheet lines. The wide feet and larger fastenings advert turning over or pulling out under severe loads and its smooth finish prevents line chafe.

Its hollow or tubular construction makes it the lightest bronze cleat regarding size to weight ratio, ensuring the maximum strength with the minimum weight.

These are all reasons why this model remains one of the most appreciated among both classic sail and power boatmen.

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Lines and Variations

gold-variation gold-variation
Bar Cleat "In Line"
gold-variation gold-variation
Herreshoff Cleat

Both of these cleats can be combined with backing plates for a solid deck anchorage (bolts and backing plates can be supplied on separated request).

Made from bronze cast using traditional sand molds, these cleats can be finished in polished bronze or chrome plated.

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