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Some of the Motor Yachts equipped with our plates:



Absolute offers custom-made decorative and informative plates to be used onboard of any yacht. They can be engraved with name, personal logo or any other information.

Made from bronze, brass or stainless steel, they can be offered in their natural states, be polished or chrome plated. It is also possible to paint with traditional enamel.

Plate for SEA LION

© 2013 Absolute, SEA LION

Some plate typologies we make:

– End plates for bowsprit, staysail, main and mizzen booms

– Foot plates on side exits or “gangways”

– Bow and stern adornments

– Rudder plates

– Steering wheel plates

– Door plates

– Builders plates

– Commemorative plates


© 2011 Absolute, SIRA

Plate for ELENA

© 2009 Absolute, ELENA

Plate for S.N.G.

© 2016 Absolute, S.N.G.

Plate for IEMA

© 2019 Absolute, IEMA

Plate for ATLANTIC

© James Robinson Taylor, ATLANTIC

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