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A big class racing schooner from 1903


64.5 m


41.15 m


8.85 m


5 m

sail area

1750 m²


310 ton

lead keel

120 ton

sail number



William Gardner


Van der Graff BV

Back in 2007, Ed Kastelein entrusted Absolute to design, engineer and build all the deck and mast hardware for his schooner ATLANTIC. The project started in the early stages of the construction.

Among the many equipments developed for Atlantic, the design and the making of the Bronze deck fittings and Steel mast and Boom fittings were the most challenging for Absolute. It required an accurate selection of the different bronze and aluminum alloys, the use of traditional methods of bronze casting and steel forming and finishing options like the use of traditional hot dip galvanized steel, all consistent with the period style.


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Anchor Davit on ATLANTIC

© Anchor Davit on ATLANTIC


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From mast goosenecks and band fittings, mooring bollards, chain stoppers, cowl ventilators, anchor and tender davits, boom buffers and travellers, all sort of deck eyes to interior ceiling lamps, skylight openers, rudder and steering systems… The end result was a tremendous collection of fittings that have already proved in their design, construction and efficiency and will certainly endure in time for the next generations to come.

We proudly invite you to learn and read more on Absolute´s website about our dedicated collection of hardware for the big class yachts.


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About Ed Kastelein and Atlantic


After owning, restoring, rebuilding or recreating a number of famous yachts such as Thendara, Aile Blanche, Borkumriff, Zaca a te Moana and, most recently, the Herreshoff racing schooner Eleonora, Dutch yachtsman Ed Kastelein planned his ultimate masterpiece: the recreation of the 3-mast schooner Atlantic. Over three years of technical and historical research resulted in sufficiently detailed plans and information to enable a highly accurate and authentic recreation.


© James Robinson Taylor, Ed Kastelein aboard ATLANTIC

Having set a new standard with his creation of Eleonora, Ed Kastelein built on his vast experience and has once again constructed a yacht that no one thought would ever sail again. The project was certainly his most ambitious; with her length over deck of 185 feet (56 metres) she is the largest classic racing schooner ever to be recreated.

Ed Kastelein was determined for her to be the way she was when she wrote history in 1905, her original lines were honoured to the finest detail and her sail plan is identical to that of her victorious Transatlantic Race which made her immortal in yachting history.


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Atlantic’s dimensions are simply incredible. Her graceful sheerline and long overhangs accentuate her grace while her waterline length of 42 meters and narrow beam are a promise of unmatched speed under sail. Her spars tower some 45 meters above the waterline and support a staggering area of 1750m² of sail, more than two and a half times that of the already awesome J-Class yachts.


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