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An International ten metre Racing Yacht from 1925


17.70 m


10.96 m


3.12 m


2.22 m

sail area

142.75 m²


14.10 ton

lead keel

9.00 ton

sail number



William Fife


Absolute, Lisbon

The Restoration

RITA IV was the last Ten Meter Class yacht by William Fife III. She was designed in 1925, and built by the Thornycroft Scandinavia A/S yard, in Kobenhavens, 1926 for His Majesty Kong Christian X of Denmark.
In 2012 Absolute took the responsibility of undertaking a full research and restoration programme to insure that Rita IV would race and cruise again as good as new or even in better condition!

Apart from the wood restoration work we have custom designed her racing mast and boom and made all her bronze hardware: from deck fittings to racing winches, mast and boom fittings.
After almost 3 years of dedicated work we have proudly sent RITA in pristine shape to her new home, the waters of the Lake of Geneva, Switzerland.


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Wooden Blocks on RITA IV

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Deck Lead Block

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A very special book, privately printed, was produced not only to recount the stories of the several lives of Rita but, more important, to celebrate the project, the workmanship and all that were envolved.

The book tells the story of how RITA was rebuilt by Absolute. Step by step, you will witness the re-creation of a yacht of exceptional beauty and pedrigree.


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8.56 Winch on RITA IV

© 2015 Absolute, RITA IV


© 2015 Absolute, RITA IV



Documents about RITA

Here are two articles published by "Yachting Monthly" in 1926, one about the building and lauching of 10mR RITA IV and other about how she influenced the development of the Ten metre class in America.
Plus John Lammerts' foreword for the book RITA IV.

Download "The King of Denmark's 10-Metre Yacht" PDF Download "A New One-Design Class in America" PDF Download "Introduction/Foreword Rita IV book" PDF

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Words of Appreciation

This is incredibly beautiful (...) specially the rudder fittings look very professional (…) first outing of Rita, wind 12 knots, speed 8 to 9 knots, temperature 28°, this was a magnificent evening, unforgettable (...) compliments to the whole crew of yours,

Fred Meyer, co-Owner of 10mR RITA IV and owner of 8mR CATINA VI and 8mR SEVERN

Thanks for the pictures which are simply stunning! Can hardly wait to see the deck finished which I expect will make us even more enthusiastic! Bravo to you, (...)
What an impressive set of pics showing the transfer of RITA to cooler quarters. You and your crew have my utmost admiration for what you did with the means you had at your disposal! You could probably build pyramids, too-in both cases I fail to understand how in hell the work was done but the facts are there to be seen! A side-benefit of the transfer was to see and admire RITA's beautiful shape free of support beams only hanging on slings fixed on the bronze hooks (which weathered a first test very well). Now may the lower temps help you to an inspired sprint down the homestretch to completion! All for today, (...)
(...) glad you and your friends made it back to Lisboa safe and sound! Having you all here to help receive RITA was a great relief and see you apply the finishing touches was a rare privilege for me.

Dietmar Voelker, owner of 8mR SEVERN and co-Owner of 10mR RITA IV

(...) more and more exciting and she becomes a real beauty. Best regards and a great thank you all for the wonderful work,

Christian Prünte, co-Owner of 10mR RITA IV


Ed Kastelein, Owner & builder of ELENORA, INGOMAR and ATLANTIC

She’s starting to look like a boat fit for a King again! Great workmanship by Miguel, what a special team you make. (...)
What an achievement, again! Who would have thought this all would happen when we first met at Johan Anker’s house in Norway 1996? Dreams come true, they do and you just provided proof! Cheers my friend for another fantastic job well done! (...)
How much more can we take of this? It’s too much, I officially declare this boat & the workmanship too beautiful to describe and thus illegal. This really has to be the best Absolute has done to date, where does it stop? Amazing! All the best,

John Lammerts van Bueren, Touchwood BV

Congratulations on such a splendid restoration! What a delight to see her in the water. The King would have been proud I'm sure, Cheers!

Anders Swahn, Owner & builder of WOLFHOUND, Sweden and Holland

It looks great, what a shape and what a great job,

Brad Butterworth, multiple times America’s Cup Winner

Superb, she really looks beautiful, light and fast - plus she floats exactly on her lines. She must have a serious sail area. Well done to you all. Bet you need a big rest

Kraig Carlstrom, Owner of 8mR VARG, Tasmania, Australia

Thank you for the pics. What a boat and woodwork! I will make a small article for our homepage.

Carl Mangor, DFÆL, Denmark

D‘abord je voudrais bien vous féliciter pour la restauration de Rita IV. Mads Ehrhardt, managing directeur du Kongelig Dansk Yacht Club Copenhague, m’a montré quelques photos – magnifique! Je vous souhaite la meilleure pour le yachting au bord de Rita IV!... Meilleures salutations,

Dr. Eva Nielsen M.A. Kuratorin, Yachting Heritage Centre

…Fred Meyer has already restored the 8mR SEVERN and now has brought back the 10mR RITA IV both restored by the yard Absolute of David Vieira in Setubal, Portugal… RITA IV, beautiful, elegant and a winner.

Dr. May Fife Kohn, Descendent and Author of “Fast and Bonnie”, A History of William Fife and Son Yachtbuilders.

Lindo barco. Estou ansioso para o ver pronto e a navegar. Bela obra e parabéns à equipa, David, Miguel e Carlos. Abraço,

Manuel Champalimaud, Owner of SEA LION


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