Bulwark Fairleads

Bulwark Fairleads

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Our bulwark fairleads are truly robust and efficient and will definitely persist in time.

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Some of the Big Class Schooners equipped with our bulwark fairleads:




Our elegant but heavy duty bulwark fairleads was designed with an all-around curved shapes taking into account for maximum strength as well as smoothness in preventing line chafe.
They are built in two halves from solid bronze, using traditional sand casting process, both halves are easily assembled with through bolts. They are supplied in polished bronze or chrome plated.
Apart from the standard models we can supply custom bulwark fairleads with different line entry angle and opening sizes.

Bulwark Cleat on ATLANTIC

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Lines and Variations

gold-variation gold-variation
Bulwark Fairleads
Bulwark Fairlead on ELENA

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Dolphin Striker on ATLANTIC

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