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Here you can find Absolute’s range of ventilators dedicated to Motor Yachts.

Discover the full range, sizes and finishes in our technical PDF.


Some of the Motor Yachts equipped with our ventilators:




Cowl Ventilators

Our collection of cowl ventilators has been developed to suit most of the specific needs of the big and smaller class yachts being sailboats or motor yachts.

With an elegant design they are solid built from traditional cast RG5 Bronze. They are fitted with an outer matching flange and can be supplied with a flush blanking cap for when the vent is removed. The inside of the cowl ventilator can be painted with a desired color and we can also supply ventilator’s coamings with spigot.

Absolute’s cowl ventilators are an eye catching piece, an “absolute” must item that will much enhance any yacht’s deck.


“Mushroom” ventilators

This type of ventilators are very handy. They can be installed on the deck, on the top of companionways or hatches and in cowl ventilator’s water boxes.

All vents have a “T” handle or a wheel handle, depending on model size, for opening and closing. An inner seal is also fitted for added water protection.

We can supply these models under special request.

Lines and Variations

gold-variation gold-variation
gold-variation gold-variation
100mm/150mm painted
gold-variation gold-variation
gold-variation gold-variation
200mm/300mm painted
gold-variation gold-variation
100mm/150mm cap

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