Timeless winches and fittings


We have developed a large variety of equipment and fittings dedicated to these fantastic big class yachts, ensuring an incredible design, an enduring performance and the longevity they deserve. If you are planning for a timeless and effective fitting to suit a classic schooner, then you are invited to take a look and talk with us, we will be happy to help you!

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Within this category we offer a remarkable set of custom equipments and fittings to suit Ocean Racers and Metre Class yachts. Here, you will find some of our greatest and timeless hardware, developed to ensure reliability and performance both in blue water sailing as well as in metre class yacht competition. Take a special look at our line of Absolute Winches, a must for any racing yacht. Tell us if you do not find what you need!

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Round Eyes and Sockets for ELENA
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Plates for WOLFHOUND
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Mooring Bollards on ATLANTIC
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Ventilator on ATLANTIC
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Flag Pole Socket on ELENA
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Winches on CATINA VI
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Deck cleat on ALBATROSS
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Deck Lead Block
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Flag Pole Socket on RITA IV
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Our Approach

Inspired by History & Tradition

We are driven by the work of all those great yacht designers and boat yards that together created the most fabulous yachts and boat building traditions and techniques. We have studied most of the makers and suppliers of yacht fittings and equipments of the period, their evolution, the design, the forms and function, the materials like the different bronzes, brass, steel… We have fully merged with those times.


Dedicated Solutions & Projects

All our restoration projects show an absolute respect for the original design and construction, that includes the preservation of most part of the original structures. Our dedicated projects care for the best form and function to each particular yacht design and concept, so we have committed to make the most beautiful and efficient period bronze fittings and equipments.


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